“Hamilton” in SF

Last Friday night, I watched “Hamilton” in SF at the Orpheum Theatre, and it was brilliant!!

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Cast of “She Loves Me”

It’s been a month since I last visited this… dang. I kind of got persuaded by Gary Vee to keep writing even though there’s not really anyone following this website, so here goes.

“She Loves Me” is a Broadway show that re-opened March 17, 2016, and closed July 10, 2016. It starred Laura Benanti and Zachary Levi.


I was able to mail off a letter of request to the stage manager and received a super cool signed playbill back before the show closed.

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Dakota & Elle Fanning

Hullo guys,

Dakota and Elle Fanning were probably the two of the first celebrities that I sent mail to when I first started off. They’re extremely talented, and absolutely gorgeous.

Image result for dakota and elle fanning vogue
the sisters starred in louis vuitton apparel in vogue magazine together (summer 2011)
Image result for dakota and elle fanning photo shoot
a j. estina photoshoot
Related image
co-starring in w magazine (2011)


Honestly, this has got to be one of my favorite successes as well.

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Sending Your Mail (part 2)

Hullo everyone,

It’s been a hectic, yet fun weekend. I had an awesome snow day yesterday with many of my friends, and today, I found out that I had gotten a lead role in the play that I auditioned for. (YAYYYYYY!)

Anyways, this is the second part of the “Sending Your Mail” posts. Basically, I just wanted to make sure you guys know how to format your envelopes and everything.

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To Start Off…

Hullo there! I’m going to go by ‘Magpie’. (not my real name, but, hey, I’m keeping my identity in the clear)

I want to share with you my numerous celebrity successes, celebrity addresses, and etc. I hope that you’ll find this all interesting and informative. Additionally, I’ll be able to update on new “Via Venue” (VV) addresses that you can send to, such as movie sets, or Broadway show theaters.

If you ever have questions, feel free to hmu with a comment.

~ Magpie