How to Write Fanmail

Ok so I guess I should show you rookies how to write fanmail first, lol. So here are a few straightforward rules!

Rule no. 1: Don’t be pushy!! I’ve seen a lot of fans that get confused that they didn’t get their photo signed or whatever. Like come on, if you were a celebrity, would you want to open up a letter that says “sign my photo, sign my photo, sign my photo, thanks.”?? Yeah, didn’t think so. Start off your letter nicely, and don’t forget to introduce yourself.

Rule no. 2: Compliment them! Who doesn’t like compliments?? I sure do – and celebrities do as well. One thing I noticed works well in general (I’m not talking about just celebrities here), is complimenting non-tangible attributes, such as personality or sense of humour. It gets reaaaalllly boring if you just receive compliments like “you’re so hot” all the time. Also, it seems really insensitive, like you’re just looking at their appearance and judging them by their physical characteristics.

Rule no. 3: Ask nicely. If you’re looking for the celebrity to sign something for you, ask really really really nicely. Convey that you’re a real fan, and that you want something to treasure from the celebrity themselves.

Rule no. 4: Don’t put your whole self into it. Celebrities are people too. They’re not therapists or your dad or your mom. They get weirded out and annoyed. They get mad. Try not to criticize performance or acting ability (saying things like “I think you should have…”). Also, don’t completely open yourself up, and tell them your whole life story. The truth hurts: you’ll be lucky if they actually take the time to read your whole letter. Understand that they are extremely busy people and they love their fans, but they just don’t have the time to address everything in your letter.

Rule no. 5: All in all, do this for fun! Please don’t be on my site, if you’re one of those people who just gather celebrity autographs and then sell them online. That causes so many celebrities to stop signing and they start turning away fans and charging them to send mail to them. So don’t. Just have a lot of fun! Sounds cheesy, but it’s true!!

~ Magpie


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